Friday, July 2, 2021

Info June 2021


June Events

With the pre-schools closed it was a quieter month for Sabah and Wasel. Yet they were able to continue with the medical program. They change the region each month so that we don’t serve the same people monthly. Still families with disabled people have priority. We are able to give diapers to about 14 individuals monthly also and these people have different handicaps.

They also visited many new families; names that have been given them these last months in order to decide what families are most in need of food. Here priorities have been given to those who lost their home in the last war. Sr. Frantiska and I hope to visit Gaza and to go to see some of these families this month when we receive our permits to go there. One hundred families have been chosen to receive the 14 items in each bag. It is all dry foods due to little electricity for refrigeration. The items included are soap for personal hygiene, washing dishes and laundry.

Next month in August, when the pre-schools are open for registering children for the fall  Sabah and Wasel will be choosing a fourth school for us to replace the Musaddar Pre-School which one of our benefactors have begun to sponsor. They have three schools in mind to visit.

Photos of the women and one young girls are here to show who received medications for June.


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Infos May 2021


For those who have followed the events this month in Gaza you know that May tenth began the war in Israel and in Gaza which last eleven days ending on May 21st.Like the other post-war realities we began to receive donations to help us reach the hunger and the homeless now over 32,000 who were living mostly in the UNERWA schools. Yet this time, Sabah who directs our programs there was not totally over the COVID which she had contacted a few weeks previously. For the eleven days of the war nightly shelling gave little possibility to sleep or go out on the streets. She and her husband who lived in an area which was heavily shelled had to move in with friends.

Tomorrow almost one week after the end of the war many people are still in shock. Others are busy cleaning and moving the rubble from homes and streets. Last Monday we had hoped to get urgent medications to people; the streets were not passable, now we hope to do this next Monday. Sabah is feeling stronger, yet is not fully herself. We feared that our office was damaged, yet the windows are still there and it only needed a good cleaning. Funding came in to feed 200 families in June 100 more than what we do monthly. The pre-Schools are closed probably until September. Today our two women will begin to visit the hard hit families in the north where the shelling was the worst. The families also need hygiene kits with the basic items that they need immediately. The pictures included with this update will be taken by them today.


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

March and April 2021


March and April 2021

In March we were able to continue our programs with seeing that the children in the four pre-schools had a good meal daily. The sick received their medications as usual. New outfits were delivered to all the children in our schools, so over 400 children received a new set of clothing. The photos of this month shows their joy when they received outfits.

April brought a higher rate of the COVID to Gaza. As a result the government closed the schools again as a precaution. Ramadan started the 14th of the month and many families asked Sabah and Wasel for food due to the fast. They doubled the number of families needing food due to the generosity of our Al Omri benefactors. We will be able to continue this food program again for the next six months.

Sabah, our coordinator of our programs, and her husband both contacted the COVID. At first Sabah didn’t feel that she had it badly. Yet with time and continued fatigue she went to the hospital where they gave her extensive tests. The results showed no serious problems. They suggested that she stay at home and rest for a few days which she is doing. Her husband had other effects from the virus which were less serious than those of Sabah. We are grateful to the Lord that neither of them were seriously ill.


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

February 2021



We are still not allowed to go down to Gaza, yet Sabah and our social worker Wasel continue our programs there.

We are having banking problems so this month we were unable to repair a home which we regret as we have had some heavy rains which are hard on families where the rain enters the roof, windows and sometimes even the doors to the outside.

We have been able to give 100 very poor families a bag of food still and many of these families have a handicapped person or more in the family. Some families have up to five members disabled.

The sick who cannot buy their medications are helped. Monthly we provide the medication for 40 to 45 individuals. They are children, the elderly and all ages who need medications. Fifteen individuals receive diapers monthly also.

The schools opened in the middle of the month. This means that our pre-schools opened suddenly. We hope that they will be safe for these three and four year olds who are now back in classes. 

The good news this week is that the vaccine is getting to Gaza now. We pray that this will help to slow down the pace for which many are getting the virus. Gaza has had a high percentage of people contacting the COVIT. The hospital there do not have the equipment to deal with severe cases of the virus.

Br. Lorenzo is still in Italy unable to return. He is caring for two brothers with the corona. After he receives his two vaccines we hope that he will be free to return. 

Thanks to our benefactors we are able to continue to serve the population in this time of financial need.


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas 2020


Christmas 2020



“All the end of the Earth have seen the saving power of God… Sing joyfully to the LORD all you Lands;

Break into song; sing praise.”      


It’s time to wish each of you and your families many Joys and Blessings for the Christmas season! This year I must add my wishes that you are free of the COVID virus and living carefully.

 What a strange Christmas 2020 will be! Physically we must be distant from each other, yet may this time of restraints which separate us in one way bring us together in other ways. We still have our cell phones with these devices: skype, zoom, what’s up and viper to keep connected with each other.

In recent years I use this Christmas letter as an opportunity to bring you up-to-date on what has been happening with our programs in Gaza. When the corona hit in mid-March we tried to go on with our programs, but Sabah, our lady who runs the programs there, was detained in Turkey visiting her children and was unable to return to Gaza until September. She ran our programs through Wesel, our social worker, those months when Sabah was away. With the schools closed (they still are closed) we could only care for the sick monthly. Getting funds transferred to our account was another problem as Brother Lorenzo, who makes the monthly transfer, was in Italy on his home visit. The parish priest came to our assistance and he paid the bills at the pharmacy and Lorenzo was able through another aid organization to transfer money to reimburse him. We missed only two months of assisting the sick in receiving their needed medications. The Lord still runs our programs there. He truly loves the people!

When Sabah returned in September, she evaluated the situation. The COVID was so bad in Gaza by then that the pre-schools were not able to open. The virus has struck 35% of the population since March. People stayed at home when they contacted the corona as the hospitals hadn’t the resources to respond to their needs. Whole refugee camps or towns were under lockdown for weeks at a time to control the spread of the virus. For a long time people did not have masks to wear.

We received funds to repair some six homes before the winter rains. The rains would quickly drench families due to faulty roofs.  Homes are often without doors and windows; Bathrooms and kitchens are often broken down. Many have handicapped members who sleep on mats on the floor and are soaked when it rains. Our two ladies had already identified with our team the homes which critically needed renovations. Two homes a month have been renovated. You can’t imagine the joy shared in these families now with a safe, hygienic and proper home.

In November we received funding from Al Omri of Germany to feed 100 families for six months. We are so grateful for this funding as most few cannot find work to assure some food for themselves. We’ve never before seen so many hungry families in Gaza! 

The assistance we are able to provide to the very poor is due to your generosity during this critical year and through other years as well.  You have been keeping us going through wars and other disasters for many years. Together we can make a difference for many families. Still the Lord seems to come to the aid of these people caught in a very bad situation.

Know that you and your families have top priority as we raise your intentions to the Lord this Christmas. May he care for your every need and keep you healthy!

I’ll add a personal note, I have been missioned to our Hospital in Nazareth to serve the seniors in the geriatric department animating their activities. I’ve already gotten very attached to these women and men who are not so different from the sweet children and young adults with whom I worked in Haifa. Being older myself, I seem to fit right in to this funny bunch. My three sister companions have been welcoming and supportive too.


Love and prayers,


Our team: Bro.Lorenzo, Sr. Julian,

                                                                Sr. Sandra, Sr. Frantiska and 

                                                                                               Sr. Susan

                                             See the children’s and mother’s joy 

                                            after their home was renovated!


Monday, October 26, 2020

October 2020


October 2020


To give all of you an update on events in Gaza thanks to Sabah’s presence and that of Wasel our programs continue. The critically ill have been able to receive medications that they need this month. As usual this includes children, men and women. They are only 30 people this month as many areas are closed due to the corona virus. This means that people cannot get to the pharmacy to pick up their medicines.

Our pre-schools are still closed due to the virus.

Despite all we are able to renew two homes. We are anxious to do so before the fall rains begin. Families must find a place to live while the renovations go on. This is not easy for them to do as the families are large and often there is a disabled person among them. We hope to do two more home renovations also in November.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Update Summer 2020

With summer behind us and fall is almost here it’s time to give you an update on events in Gaza. The good news is that Sabah and her husband are home safely. Sabah who manages our programs was abroad since January. She is back to work, yet there is a lock down there due to many cases of the corona among the population. She and Wasel, our social worker, are working from their homes. The medical program where 40 to 45 people receive urgently needed medications continues. The pre-school are all closed, yet hopefully next month they will be able to open. The 170 very poor families who cannot pay the school fees for their children are again assured that Al Omri will cover this expense for them through December and maybe longer if needed. We have the funding to repair more homes. The first will be started in October if the materials are available in the market and people can circulate again. We hope to repair a second one before the winter rains begin in November.

Our team of two brothers and three sisters are hoping to get down for a visit there soon. Three of us are awaiting our coordination’s to enter when the border is open again. We have no idea when this will be. Thanks to cell phones we keep in contact with our two ladies, the parish priest and the sisters with whom we stay with when we are there.


Monday, August 3, 2020

Update on things in Gaza

Let me give you an update on things in Gaza. Sabah, our lady who runs our programs, left with her husband to visit their children at the end of January.

They planned to return in March, but the virus hit and they couldn't travel back and our four pre-school closed. Our social worker was able to keep our medical program running until this month as the parish priest helped us to pay the pharmacy who gave the sick their medicines. After months of difficulties, this month a money transfer was done so that we can pay back the parish priest. We plan to keep our medical program going. The future is unknown as to whether the pre-schools will open or not. We have the funding to repair two homes still, yet much will depend on if Sabah can return soon. Today she and her husband are at the border now waiting with 5,000 other people to get across to get home. Please pray with us that they can get in. This is the situation. We sisters and brothers have not been able to go down to visit since January as the borders have been closed as well as the other restrictions due to the virus. We have kept in contact by phone and email.

Our friends and benefactors who read our website please keep us in prayer, so that we can even accomplish more once Sabah is able to return. Poverty is evident more and more as the pandemic effects the economy.

Sr. Susan 

Monday, December 23, 2019

Happy Christmas

Dear Friends,
We are wishing you a Christmas bright with the shining miracles of hope,
Peach and Joy.
The group of us following the programs we have in Gaza send you this Christmas greeting as due to your generosity we have been able to serve many families who have been in difficulties. This 2019 has not been easy on the people. Unemployment which has gone as high as 80 % of the population has greatly limited the parents’ ability to provide the essentials such as food, safe housing, and medical treatment for their children and sometimes the grandparents who live among them. 
Due to your donations we have been able to continue to feed over 400 children in the four pre-schools as well as provide for the classrooms needed materials to assist the education going on there. Playground toys have been repaired and over 450 winter coats have been given to these pre-school children. 
Five homes which have been in very unsafe and substandard conditions have been renovated providing families from 8 to 12 members with: doors, windows, bathrooms, kitchens and many times roofs and flooring. These families no longer are exposed to the cold, wind and the rain this winter. In the coming months donations will be arriving to continue the renovations of 4 or 5 homes.
Urgent medications for the handicapped, babies, children of all ages, parents and the senior citizens living all together have been provided for over 200 individuals.
Muslim families tell us their critical situation and know that they are helped by Christians from abroad who are aware of their political situation. This effects their economy and their wellbeing. The Christian families who are served know that they are not forgotten. 
I have seen a glimmer of hope in recent months as now 5,000 men are allowed to go to Israel to find work, and more who are ill are now allowed to cross the border for surgery or medical treatment. Pray with us that this hopeful reality will open to new economic possibilities for collaboration between the two political peoples.
May you and your families be blessed this Christmas and all through 2020! 
                                                                        Sr. Julianna, Sr. Maria
                                                                        Sr. Sandra, Sr. Susan
                                                                        Br. Lorenzo and Br. Martino

Visit December 2019

VISIT December 10 and 11 2019
Sr. Maria and I went down this month with all the suitcases we could bring. She had received wonderful vitamins for the children in the schools and we had also received new cloths for children of all sizes. 
First we visited a disabled little girl of six that had really benefited well from the medications which we have been able to provide for her. After we visited a home which was to be completed in a week’s time. The work was well done despite rains that had come the day before. Next we went to our office where five of the heads of our four schools awaited us for their monthly meeting. The meeting went real well. They brought us up on the latest events happening in each school. Each pre-school had received young professionals who had just graduated from the University and who need a job experience. They are: psychologists, social workers, physical therapists and occupational therapists. Some schools have or two and one school has four. In the Musaddar area still suffers shelling nights, so 80 of their 150 children need help with speak therapy. The trauma of the war has affected their speech. We ended with a nice meal together made by the Zahar Women’s Associations Kitchens. In the afternoon we spent discussing things in our office and at Sabah’s home I was able to use their internet to do paper work.
The second day we started out in the office and then as the bank opened we went  to the bank. After we visited two homes both of critical need of repairs. Again both homes were very wet due to the rains that they had received several days earlier. One home had three very cute boys two of whom are mentally disabled. They were home as the schools would not accept them. They are 10, 11, and 12 years old. We were able to bring them one set of new cloths. The family all live in one room on the roof of a building. Another family with a physically disabled father needed some money toward a battery for his cart which we helped with so he could get to his doctor appointments and other places.
Home renovations must slow down a bit due to the winter months. Families must find lodging elsewhere when their homes are be renovated. We hope to renovate a home a month for the months ahead.
Winter show the peoples poverty very vividly, so we went home thinking of all the families we visited.