Friday, September 4, 2009

Visit to Gaza September 1 and 2 , 2009

Visit to Gaza September 1 and 2 Andres, Lorenzo and Sr. Susan left for Gaza at 6:30 am and had an half hour wait before having our papers processed to enter. The rest went quickly. Fr. Jorge sent his driver Muhib to collect us. Our first stop was at the bank to make a deposit for August expenses. Sabah was still in Egypt. She hopes to be able to return next week. We really missed her presence among us.
Following we joined Fr. Jorge who was at the new school and he accompanied us to the parish where Andres received an update on things there. Lorenzo and Sr. Susan visited the Musaddar preschool and were happy to hear of their various summer camps of which were very impressive. They also have some building projects started, an added room for the school and a second floor for various activities which go on in the afternoons for the three local villages. The children sang for us and the classes are very full.
Monday again we visited a second school in the Zitoun area of Gaza City. Again we were impressed by all the activities going on despite Ramadan in full swing and the economic problems. We saw the roof for shade which we had sponsored and the water tank and filter which another relief organization got for them. Both schools had shared the immediate needs with us. We were able to say our farewells, cross the boarder to be back home by 3:00 pm. As we were leaving we could hear some shelling in the north. The people are courageous amid difficulties on every side.