Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Visit August 2019

Lorenzo’s visit August 7th. 2019
Lorenzo arrived by himself and Sabah and he went first to the homes being renovated. The first one was in the beach camp and this home was finished. There are photos to allow one to see the situation before the renovations and the changes made by the renovations. Lorenzo was very pleased to see the work well done.
Next they visited two more homes. These two we have studied and they are I great need of renovations. This we hope to do and have done before winter.
Many families have no money for school uniforms for children September. We will give 100 elementary age children a complete uniform. Two will be chosen from the families who are most needy.
They visited one of our pre-schools in the middle Camps and we will help put in new windows and tiles in their new room.
They went next to the Gezoor Society where they were distributing vegetables to families.
The day ended with a visit to Fr. Mario before he left for the boarder.
Our four pre-schools will open in mid-September. Registration begin August 30.