Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Visit to Gaza April 28 and 29

Two had two great days weather wise and had the chance to go to visit one school the Amjad School. After we traveled south to Khan Yunis and saw the changes since the war in that area. We saw many street shops set up to sell the items that had come through the tunnels. On our way Sabah brought us up on the news. The government is taxing the people on many items now. cigarettes, medicines, and even one must pay two shekels to visit the sick in the hospitals. This is adding a very heavy burden to the families were 85% of the population in unemployed.

We visited the center for Culture and Free Thought where Sabah is on their board of direction. Fr. Don and Fr. Thomas couldn't stay overnight so they left that afternoon. I stayed on and with Sabah visited six very poor families that afternoon and the next day. One boy of 19 had been hit by shells last year in his abdomen, going in one side and coming out the other.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gaza visit April 16, 2010

Nicole a student at the PBI where Don lives, Don, Jean, and I made this trip. We brought some needed materials for a deaf center in the north with us. We visited the schools to see the meals offered and so we went to two that of Marazey and Musaddar. We had helped them get cutlery and plates. Some new tables had been given both schools by Islamic Relief.