Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The school uniform 2011

The school uniform 2011 paid by Italian benefactors.

In June at the end of the school year I write up a report of our activities for the year. We continue to feed the children one meal daily in the five pre-schools in three different regions of the Strip. In October each child has received a blood test and a physical which will be repeated after some months. We hope that this will show that their balanced meal in school will show that they are healthier. El Omri of Germany has been our sponsors for these preschools for over ten years now. They also provide for the repairs and materials needed for the schools. This September we were able to fund four of the five schools with uniforms for each child. One school already had uniforms. The uniforms are made locally which help the local industries.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Visit to Gaza September 2011

Due to generous benefactors these last two years we have moved into serving the sick. Last year we were able to assist 152 men, women and children with: medicines, various therapies, transportation cost to have surgery abroad, and orthopedic equipment. Dr. Amena has joined our group in Gaza who helps us assess who are in greater need when it comes to medical aid monthly. Her knowledge and connections there help the sick receive benefits from other medical NGOs in their region.

Pictures of latest visit in september 2011.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Musaddar classrooms

Italian benefactors, friends of Andres and Lorenzo, have been for three years now providing glasses for the poor children in our five nursery schools and for some needy adults. Some fine doctors visit the schools and volunteer their time to examine the children.
Diapers are a burden for families caring for a disabled adult or child. Monthly money to cover this expense is provided for about ten individuals.
We continue to meet monthly as a team to asses our programs and to plan for the future. We have lost Fr. Don More sj due to health issues as he had to return to the states. We miss his humor and good judgment. He was very faithful in his visits to Gaza. Don is truly missed.

Pictures of classes under construction in Musaddar.